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Neighborhood Sniffari

Whether your dog needs a brisk 15-minute walk or an hour-long excursion, we’re happy to give your pet what they want as we understand not all needs are the same!
Our Neighborhood Sniffaris are designed with your pet’s needs in mind, keeping both mental and physical stimulation as the core focus, your pup will surely be happy and tired when they return. Does your dog like to say hello to fellow dogs and hoomans or prefer to keep to themselves? Let us know your dog’s specific walking style and preferences so we can make sure they get the most out of their outing.

Pet Pit Stop

If you have another family member, from furry to scaly, that doesn’t need round-the-clock care, we offer check-ins that best suit their specific needs. Whether you have a loyal canine companion, a cuddly kitty, a slithering serpent, a chirping bird, a bouncy bunny, or any other beloved creature, our expert pet caregivers are here to ensure their well-being while you’re away. Our Pet Pit Stops are designed to match your pet’s day to day routine, during each visit, our dedicated caregivers will attentively tend to your pet, providing ample playtime, cuddles, or whatever form of interaction they crave. From administering medication to maintaining litter boxes, enclosures, or habitats, we take care of all the essentials to keep your pet comfortable and content in your absence.

Slumber Pawties

Discover our Slumber Pawties, where your pet’s comfort is our priority day and night! Our overnight care ensures peace of mind for you and personalized attention for your furry friend in the familiarity of your home. With experienced caregivers providing tailored care, including walks, playtime, and cuddles, your pet stays happy and stress-free while you’re away.
Rest assured, your beloved pet is in capable hands, receiving the same affection and attention they would from you. Whether your absence spans a single night or an extended period, our overnight care service guarantees that your pet remains blissfully happy, healthy, and stress-free within the comfort of their own home.