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We provide a range of services including neighborhood walks, quick pit stops, and overnight stays tailored to your pet’s needs.

Our team is well-educated in pet care and behavior, showing compassion and love to ensure your pet feels secure and content at all times.

We are committed to continuous learning about animal behavior, body language, and overall well-being, providing top-quality and trustworthy pet care services.

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Drop us a line using our contact form, and let’s start a conversation about how we can pamper your beloved companion while you’re away. We can’t wait to hear from you!


While each service is different, our pricing is based on time needed per visit. Minimum time required is 20 minutes with our longest visit being up to 60 minutes. Slumber Pawties are based on a 24hr period, depending on the number of pets in the home and if there are any puppies. Services involving puppies incur a puppy rate, depending on the age and time required for your puppy.

Time of service starts from the moment we arrive to your home. If you live in a complex, we recommend adding an extra 5-10 minutes to your requested service to account for the time our pet car provider needs to get to and from your unit.

Our base pricing starts at $25 for the minimum 20 minute visit, $35 for 30 minute visits, $45 for 45 minutes, and $60 for hour long visits.
Our Slumber Pawties start at $125/24hrs starting at the time of arrival with the day of return covering 20 hours. Any additional time requiring our team member to stay past the 20 hour mark will incur a prorated fee.

Our core values of compassion, knowledge, trust, and excellence guide us in creating a safe, happy, and relaxed environment for your beloved pet.

Yes, we are dedicated to supporting both pet owners and their animals, fostering a strong bond between families and their furry companions.


Absolutely! We have a special introductory offer for new members. Enjoy a discount of $5 off per visit for your first 10 visits. This provides you with the opportunity to experience our services, meet our team members, and witness firsthand how we care for your pet. We aim to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our service and the care your pet receives.

Of course! If you travel regularly or have to be in the office a few days of the week and need your pet walked or taken care of on a recurring weekly basis, then depending on the number of services you need each week can join our weekly or monthly service packages. Our weekly service packages are for families that need 5 or more visits per week whereas our monthly service packages are recommended for families that need less than 5 visits per week with a minimum of 2 visits per week required. For both subscriptions, all services must be used within the month. There are no roll overs.

Slumber Pawty requests require a reservation fee to secure your dates with one of our team members. This fee is 15%, non-refundable, and is applied towards the total cost of the service. However, in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances (e.g., pet emergency, family emergency), a refund or credit may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Documentation may be required. Clients may cancel services (except Slumber Pawties) up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled start date and time without incurring a charge. Services other than Slumber Pawties cancelled less than 24 hours of the scheduled start date and time will be charged in full.